• t w e n t y - t w o • From,

From the moment that I met you,
From the fires on the hill,
From the music all around,
In the darkness of that night,
From the words that surround us,
From the dreams that we share,
From the worlds that we travel,
In the comfort of our beds,
From the love that you give me,
From the words that we shared,
From the mirrors that we swim in.
To the love that we have. 

You’ve become a part of me so rapidly,
From the first kiss,
To the lasting impression,
From the world we wrapped around your rocks,
To the dreams wound around my words,
From every moment with out you,
To every moment with you,
You have graced my presence with the beauty of magic,
The ever lasting beat of eternity.

You look beautiful when you sleep,
You look beautiful when you’re awake.

From forever I hold you,
Until the day where the days begin to stop,
Where nights collapse in on themselves,
Time comes to a halt and beauty is chaos,
And you and I are the only burning light in the sky.

The End

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