• s e v e n • Voices Of Sand


What words mean,
When you mean the worlds
Worlds of words are rising,
In a voice that will be heard,
My tongue is slowly falling
Rising with the sand,
A drab colour is colliding
In a world that’s sacrosanct.




When I was younger, at two years of age, I was a jovial child, quite content to play all day, much like many children, no doubt.
Thing is, it was at this early age that I went through, most likely, one of my most life changing events.
My mother chased me around in our humble country home with a hoover, I found this, apparently quite enjoyable, until the point at which I tripped over a wooden beam between two rooms of the old style house. I landed hard on my chin.
Now usually that wouldn't have been much cause for disaster, however, my tongue had been sticking out at the time my chin hit the floor and my teeth shut down hard on my tongue, splitting it and tearing it in half.
My tongue was not decapitated, but clinging on for dear life by a thread of pinky red flesh.
I was obviously rushed to the hospital, and the staff did the best they could to fix the horrible scenario. My tongue was sewn back on with no more problems occurring. The doctor did, however inform my mother and father that the probability of my ability to talk again was lower than slim, I would be able to form noises, obviously, my throat was unharmed but my pronunciation would be so poor that I probably wouldn't be able to talk properly.
I was virtually classed as mute.

I never intended to write so much on this, however, it is, for me important to write about. This event changed my whole life ahead of me.
I am not a mute, and my pronunciation is, bar a inaudible lisp, nigh on perfect.
Whilst I haven't lived my life in silence, I have learnt to appreciate the majesty of words and the importance they bring to our world, the effect we can have on others and on society. We waste words far too much of the time, saying things that we don't think about. We should exercise our ability to think, make sure that we aren't just talking for the sake of talking, but making the most of this beautiful gift that our bodies bestow upon us.
We only have one life time and there is so much to say, don't let your words be of spite, or ill-nature, make them beneficial to your life and the world.


(thank you.) 

The End

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