Overwhelmed Part 1: High School

Overwhelmed with life. Just venting. Kinda like a diary to get things out.


Will they ever get a clue? I’m not paying attention for a reason. Why?

I’m not interested. They are boring, some, but not all.

 Why do they ask pointless questions?

Teacher, “Sometimes it feels like you don’t want to be in this class, is that true?”

Me, “Yes, sometimes I don’t feel like being in your class.” That's right every day I dread coming into your classroom because I know I’ll see you.

 Why can’t you teach?

First, you mess up on every single math problem. Second, you go back through them and work it again but decide to skip a few steps because you expect me to know it the first time you went through messing up along the way.

When we give you feedback to slow down or to explain problems in another way, you promptly ignore us and go on with your own flow that no student can understand.

You spend an hour “teaching” some lesson and then give us useless homework we will never use.

What is the point in your job if you won’t do it correctly? Why must you aggravate me to no end? What did I ever do to you? 

Oh, that's right. I never did anything to you...

The End

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