Chapter 2

Maya rolled over on her bed as she heard her alarm ring. 'I have no reason to get up' she thought,as she propped herself up on the bed. 'I could probably sleep for a few minutes more'. With that thought she went back to lying down and closed her eyes. It was of no use however, she was already awake and as she lay there, all she could do is let her mind wander.

'I'm twenty nine today' she thought, and then 'Wow...I'm twenty nine today!' 

Her phone began to ring, 'my first birthday call' she thought.


"Hi honey, happy birthday!"

"Thanks mum, how are you?"

"I'm good how are you? How does it feel to be twenty nine love?"

"God muma I feel old! In a year i'll be thirty..."

"Thirty is hardly old! I wonder what you think I am, if you think thirty's old....I must be ancient at fifty five!"

Maya smiled to herself, even though she hadn't seen her mother in a few years, knowing her, she must not even look a day over forty.Her mother then handed the phone over to her father who wished her and spoke to her for a while .She wrapped up the phone call in the next few minutes and then got off her bed. 

Just because her husband was out of town and she was alone on her birthday, it didn't mean she had to spend the entire day in bed! She leapt off the bed and ran herself a warm bath. When she came back out, she checked her phone again. She'd missed a call from her best friend Anya.' She'll call back later' thought Maya and then went on to check her messages. There was a birthday message from her sister Neena who promised to call later on in the day. There were a few messages from her friends along the lines of 'Hey Maya Happy birthday...have a great time!"

There was also a message from her husband "Hey Maya, Happy birthday!". Maya sighed and sent thank you messages to all of them. She then treated herself to sugar in her tea in place of sugar-free and also to a little butter on her toast for breakfast, when she heard her phone ring again.

"Hey Anya!"

"Hey.....Happy birthday!" 

"Thanks so much! you are coming over for dinner today right?"

"Of course! I'm also getting you something your going to love", Maya rolled her eyes. Anya was one of the best friends she had but she was lousy at gifting.

"Ooh now I can't wait", she replied sarcastically

"So....what are you upto?" Anya asked, obviously ignoring the sarcasm.

"Nothing much, I have to meet a couple of school friends for lunch, want to hang out after?"

"I wish I could! I have to pick up the kids from school and take them to tennis. Do you want to go out after dinner? I could get Siddharth to take care of the kids and then put them to bed."

"Aaah thats a good plan, can we go drinking? I could use a few drinks today."

"Sure, its your birthday but I'm gonna go easy on the alcohol cool?"

"Yeah no problem, then you can drive me home?" Maya was taking a shot in the dark with that one but she figured it was her birthday so she could act a little pricey.

"Of course, I live to serve you Ms.Maya"

"Haha very funny, ok I have to go now, I'll see you and Siddharth and the kids for dinner yes?"

"Uh huh, call me if you need me to get dessert or something ok?"

"Will do...bye!"


Maya hung up and went into the kitchen to figure out what she would serve for dinner that night.

The End

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