Out of the blue ( there was nothing I could do)

Song, about cheating and breaking up. Goes well with Merlot and snickers bars.


You’re a one trick pony but then again so am I

We might all be servants to our desires

But I refuse to be your rodeo clown

I know your desires

I know that they don,t always include me

You think you know mine

I want love and maybe you don,t think I’ll hold out for it

But I think I just might



Don’t speak!

Don’t talk to me like that

Don’t you know I’m the victim?

Don’t you dare say nothings out of the blue

Cause this was

I did everything I could and out of the blue

This part of you is set loose

There was nothing that I could do


I just want to collect my bones and go

You want my heart, you keep it!

Watch it dry out and become pungnet and sickly sweet

I’ll think with my stomach from now on

What will feed it?

What will give it stability, certainty?




One moment your on your knees

The next your throwing rocks

But I still know what you want: me

I don’t want to fit back into your framework

Your weave of lies

Go fill in your holes

Tell the world all that you are

I know you’ll leave out all that you’ve done



The End

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