A Story about Wolves and Other Worldly Things

Okay, so I know I put up "The Lockwood Entrapment" before this one, but I am actually working on this story since before my last entry in here. This story is called "Moonlit Wolf" and I would love to have some of you guys check it out since it hasn't had much of a success on Protagonize. Here's the link: http://www.protagonize.com/story/the-moonlit-wolf

This is the synopsis: MC isn't a happy wolf. Her world is full of creatures that laugh at her wolf packs "deformity" and she just wants everything to be normal. Though, not even MC knows what normal is. But when a new guy shows up at her school acting like a normal human, MC's curiosity gets the better of her. But she's not the only one that's curious, someone else is curious about Nates and its creatures. There's a killer on the loose, someone isn't who they say they are, and changes come in many surprising packages. MC's life is about to go from weird to weirder, just when she thought that it couldn't get any worse.

This is a snippet of one of the chapters:

"I'm standing on a patch of snow, lit by the moonlight. Flakes fall lazily around me, making my nose ache with the scent of frozen trees, rivers, and grass. I am wearing winter clothes, my hat gently covers my ears and forehead and my red and purple striped gloves protect my fingers. My blond hair is in ringlets cascading over my shoulders as I do a three-sixty looking for someone, anyone who can tell me where I am. My frozen breath follows my every move, haunting me with my loneliness. Then there's a low howl and I turn back to face the moon, half-full and glowing. Ahead of me is the white wolf with its piercing green eyes. It's muzzle is nearly silver and its nose is a salmon pink"

The End

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