This is an exercise I did  from a book of ... well, exercises, called 'The 3am Epiphany, by Brian Kitely'  The object was to write in the imperative tense.  Just commands. 

Well, this is it:


Wake up! Just get your butt off that chair and do something, anything. Why do you think you're tired all the time? Do something that makes you feel human, part of the planet. Yes, I know trees and logs and rocks are part of the planet, but you have moving parts. Prove it!

Use the Wii Fit and do some exercise. Hey, stop nodding off! GET UP! Are you glued the the chair? If you're not careful, all your joints will seize up and then you'll be sorry. What do you mean, you'll do it tomorrow? You say that every day. Move it!

Yes, that's right, stand up. Now, walk to the front door and go outside. Remember outside? Yes, it's where the trees and the grass and the cars and the other people are.

Hey, why are you coming back? You forgot your coat. Oh, that's fine, I suppose you are cold after all that sitting around and vegetating. Ready? Now, walk along the road, and back again. Feel better? Yes, I thought you would. Now, walk a little further, and turn the corner. Didn't hurt, did it? Ready to go on? Keep walking. Put one foot in front of the other and just keep going. Left right left right left right. See? It's nice out there. You used to like your little walks. Get the blood circulating round your body so you feel less like a blob and more like a person, yeah?

OK, now lets try a little running? Of course I'm sure. No, you won't look silly. No, you don't need to put jogging clothes on. All right, not quite ready for that yet, well, just walk faster, then.

No, don't turn back! What do you think will happen if you keep going a little longer? People won't stare at you, don't be silly. And even if they do, what does it matter? They're not going to give you a second thought.

Right, next corner. Yes, that's right, you're going all the way round the block. Not so bad, is it? Aren't you glad you started out now? Oh, you're impossible. Just do this once a day and it'll make a world of difference to how you feel and how you start to look. You'll lose weight and your self esteem will improve no end. Isn't this so much better that sitting on that sofa all day doing nothing?

One more corner... Why not speed up for this last bit? Go on, you can have a nice cup of tea when you get back home. Pump your arms, nobody's looking, and look, there's your warm cosy house in sight again. Now open the door, put the kettle on, and give yourself a pat on the back. You've made a difference to yourself. Now you can do anything you like this afternoon. What a shame you didn't really do it, only in your head.

The End

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