A Synopsis of Lockwood Entrapment

This is a story outline for a story I am currently writing on here, I would just like to have some feedback on the story itself... so maybe if you enjoy this synopsis you can check out my story and let me know if you are interested in seeing me continue the story. www.protagonize.com/the-lockwood-entrapment

Michelangelo: Afraid that he would end up like his father, his mother sends him to Williams Lockwood Academy, a slightly unknown boarding school for boys. At first, Michelangelo doesn't understand his mother's fears and worries since he has always been a good student and a good teenager altogether. 

Xavier: Blamed by his parents for the death of his ten year-old brother, Xavier is sent to Lockwood without a warm goodbye. Leaving his rebellious way of grieving behind, Xavier's anger is put aside as he finds out the real reason behind Lockwood's existence. 

Kellan: Pushed aside by his family, Kellan has spent the past year living in a mental institution for teenagers with psychological disorders. He feels oddly attached to the mysteries of Lockwood and it is his other-worldly senses that has invited others around him to question his sanity. What does Lockwood have in store for him?

Jeremiah: A homeless teenager with a love for fire. Arrested after allegedly setting fire to several homes, Jeremiah finds himself at Lockwood amongst ten other juvenile delinquents. His sense of independence earns him an arrogant personality, but it also helps when he is faced with several important decisions at Lockwood.  


Four boys who have seemingly been thrown away by society find each other in a school that offers more than a new opportunity for re-entering society. At Lockwood, the students are tested for differences that the rest of society shun. These specially chosen few are sent on a journey that can either kill them or make them stronger, but the question is: can these four boys meet the requirements, or are some destined to stay in a world that doesn't accept them, instead of fighting for something that may free them all? When the rest of the human world looks away from promising, different teenagers, can another world altogether profit from these differences?

The End

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