A spark
A tiny seed appears in the empty field
Rain patters down and since the sun is in the sky, a rainbow is formed
A tall rosebush grows, the first of many
This is what happens when I fall in love.

A heavier shower and more seeds appear
Flowers sprout up everywhere
Marigolds, daffodils, tulips: colourful and beautiful
The sun shines brighter and more warmth penetrates the soil
This is what happens when you make my heart feel secure.

A thunderstorm in broad daylight!
A festival with the music of the weather and the exciting colours of the plants
The garden melts yet remains intact
The sun seems larger in the sky. It's almost blinding
This is what happens when you render me euphoric.

A sudden halt.
The sun disappears behind a dark bank of cloud
The flowers shrivel up and the rain is cold
Desolation is the only word that can be used to describe this feeling
This is what would happen if you broke my heart

The fate of the garden hangs on your decision
Do you help it grow or leave it how it is lest you tear it apart?
Do you want my heart to sing for you or do you want me to go away?
Only you can answer these questions
This is what happens when I think I'm attracted to you.

The End

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