She tiptoed backwards and gave a fluid spin. Her finger was wagging at me in a beckoning motion. Her smile was wide and brighter than the sun. Her curls - God, those curls - framed her gentle face and rested softly on her collarbones. This girl would be the death of me.

I walked forward, moving closer to the woman I loved. She continued to tiptoe away. It was so like her; she was always enticing, always just out of reach. With one fluid motion she turned on her toes and danced into the forest. I watched her auburn hair flow violently about her waist before flashing out of sight.

Her path was easy to follow. Though her feet barely crunched the ground, her scent called to my most carnal instincts. I was the wolf and she was the prey - my beautiful bounding hare. A flash of red behind a tree. My blood surged with adrenaline as I drew closer to her fragrance. 

The forest was deepening and the sunlight streamed through in golden columns. I knew where she was leading me. There was only one place where we could exist together. Perhaps she wanted to be caught, after all.

I crashed into the small clearing. The sun streamed in like it was a holy place. I suppose it was, in a way. There she sat, in the middle upon a fallen tree. Her legs were crossed and her hands lay calmly in her lap. She smiled the smile of one who has never endured pain. It was not at all like my own. I needed that smile to breathe.

I walked over and sat down beside her. My hands shook as I wove my fingers into her hair, holding the back of her head gently. I landed a kiss on her bright lips. She flashed that immortal smile. I nuzzled into her locks, inhaling deeply as my pulse began to race.

I looked up into her emerald eyes. This was the moment when I would tell her everything. I would tell her how much I loved her and how I could no longer exist in a world where she ran and I chased. She would smile and I would show how strong I had become for her. I would promise to protect her forever.

My lips parted to speak, but she disappeared. I stared at my empty hands.

"Hello. What's going on?" said a boy's voice from behind me. He must have stumbled into the clearing by mistake.

The End

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