Midnight meets the Moon

[Another peice from Faerie Bound that may or may not be used in one way or another. i think the dream will get darker in tone than it is when it does get used though]


An ethereal voice sung in the night as Morgan meandered through her meadow; hers and Ash’s.

Midnight meets the Moon
The Moon meets Midnight
All upon this evening of Love

Shining bright upon the field
Casting shadows that are surreal

Will he meet her
Will she meet him
All upon this evening of Love

Wandering upon the field
Drawn to the fire by its feel

Midnight meets the Moon
The Moon meets Midnight
All upon this evening of Love

Morgan stood before the banked fire that she had started, with her fire affinity, for Ash one raining night that seemed so long ago. In response to her sadness clouds began to roll in. Moonlight shone through them though soft drops of rain began to fall.

“Where are you Ash?” she whispered, voicing her thoughts as her hand fiddled with her pendant. “Did your parents find you?”

It had been only yesterday, though to Morgan it felt like it had been so much longer ago, that she had looked into her pendant and seen that Ash was in trouble. The question was how much. Morgan began to pace. She stopped.

“How much trouble am I in?” She stared into the fire. She couldn’t ignore the fact that Cecil, her grandfather, disliked her. There was no need for her to be linked with him to feel his displeasure. Her Aunt too, for a reason unknown to Morgan, had turned her dislike of Morgan into hate.

Sighing Morgan looked at her pendant. “Eight hairs of those who care,” she whispered. “Two for the ones in love;” she looked into her pendant. “To show the truth and how he fares;” Ash didn’t seem to be faring any worse than before. Morgan sighed and looked up.

“Damn it Ash,” she shouted across the field, “this would be easier if we were still linked!”

Morgan turned on her heel and began racing for the cliff. Her legs bent powering her upwards and forwards as she leapt off. Her wings unfurled and slowed her decent as she dived for the water. She would find and save Ash and Sarah Morgan; or she’d die trying. But first Morgan was going to try some Grandma B magic on her father’s family. She had to wait for her letter of passing anyway so why not bake a few apple pies and maybe, just maybe she’d open a crack in their hearts for her; and Ash.


The End

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