I stand silently behind the counter and then pick a pick of chewing gum out of my bag and shove it in my mouth.

I sit down on the seat and pull out a book. I tilt the book so I can see over it and sit so I can look past the register. Silence desends again. Then suddenly the bell of the door goes causing me to jump.

I stand to my feet putting my book on my chair. Then I gasp. The person who just stepped in is a young female and..... she's mortal???

How the hell did she get in?


I step into the shop. What is this place? What drew me in here?

Then I notice the boy behind the counter. His hair is bleached white but seems to shine. Then his eyes.... I gulp nervously and approach the counter.

"Hi" I say smiling shyly.

"Good afternoon, how may I help you?" the boy asks.

"Umm...." I mumble looking around. There's many gems. "I'm not sure. I don't know why I came here. I was just trying to think"

"What where you thinking about?" the boy asks. I feel pain clench on my heart like it did when Denis told me.

"My boyfriend cheated on me and now he's left me. I'm trying to think what I'm meant to do" I whisper looking down. The boy smiles.

"I think I know why your here" He says. With those words he vault the counter and lands next to me quickly heading off to a shelf. He pulls down a bracelet then comes back and places it into my hand. "Take it. A troubled soul needs this"

I look down at the braclet and gasp the metal twisted together round small gems. "I can't take this without paying" I whisper.

"By taking it you have payed in a way you won't understand. So take it" He says flashing a smile.

I nod and walk out of the shop. Just as the door swings shut I remember that I didn't ask his name. I turn to ask him to find the door to the shop gone but the bracelet still in my grasp.

The End

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