Parting Ways

Author's note: this is a potential chapter for Faerie Bound, but I don't want to post it there because it couls mess up something one of my co-authors is working on as I type. Hopefully some of it will get used. ):-}


“But it’s not the same demon on Devil’s Flat is it?” I look at Ash. “I burnt that one with Moonlight.” Dad’s head snaps around to look at me.

“You did what?”

“I don’t know,” I shrug, I really don’t know, “I, I, just told it to burn in hell and sparks shot from my fingers and it burst into flames.” Everyone’s staring at me now. “It killed Mom okay, and, and, Ash was broken like she had been, and, and I just,” I take a deep breath. “Reacted,” I finish with a sigh.

“Wait,” Ash is looking at me. “The Drael killed your mom?” I nod. “Why would it kill your mom?”

“Why does anything evil do what it does?” The fact is, accepting Mom’s death has only been harder without knowing the why.

“That makes no sense.” Ash has let go of my hands and stood to start pacing. “They sent the Drael after me. Why would they have it kill someone…”

“Who?” Dad, Gloria and I say simultaneously.

Ash stops pacing. He looks at us and I can see his fists clenching. “My God damn family, the Van Helsings, I’m the last of the line, but I don’t want to follow in their perverted footsteps, only they want to make me and…” He trails off staring into space.

I feel his thoughts boiling under the surface. Hatred and disgust burst like bubbles to the surface. There is also fear.

“They’ll use any means necessary to get me. They’d think nothing of torturing or killing any of you, just to do so.” While Ash includes Dad and Gloria in that statement, I can tell he’s thinking mostly of me. “I need to leave.” He turns and walks away.

I stand up to go after him, but Dad restrains me. “You can’t go with him.”

I turn on him. “What do you mean? You’re not forbidding me like I’m some child to be restrained are you?” I’m close to hysterics.

“Morgan,” his voice is firm. “Do you remember what I said.”

“When?” I have no idea what he’s talking about, and Ash is getting further and further away.

“Morgan, you need to train so you can take the test that will allow you gain your wings and attain the full potential of your powers.”


Dad tilts my chin up, forcing me to look into his eyes. “So, you keep using your power untrained and you could kill yourself or someone else. You’ll be nothing but a liability until you’ve past that test and learned your limits.”

Dad’s right. How many times have I drained myself until I collapse. I sigh in defeat. “So how much more training do I have, and when is this test?”

“A lot, and on your 20th birthday.”

“That’s,” I look up wide eyed. “That’s not far away.”

“I know.”

“Can I, just go talk to him now, please?”

Dad sighs and nods. I hope I can catch up to Ash. “Don’t you dare try sneaking off young lady, or I will hunt you down and bring you back!”

As if. I know when logic must overrule the heart, no matter how painful it is. Still, after I take that test, I’m going to rejoin Ash. If I’m lucky, maybe Dad will help me.

The End

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