The Brighter Side.

She pushed her glasses up her freckled nose and shuffled toward her locker. She had a habit of starting and looking around herself like a rabbit caught in headlights, and jumped at every sound.

The barrage of teenagers seemed to part at the sight of her, giving the ostracized girl a wide berth.

Caitlyn had seen to her social breakdown, and she had been thorough. Harmony had lost all of her friends within a month. And since then, Caitlyn had been giving her special treatment.

She had adapted well, she felt, and now quite enjoyed her own company. And she didn't mind that people moved away whenever she was around; she liked the space. In some ways, Caitlyn had done her a favour. She now had more time to focus on her studies, and as a result, had the best grades in the school.

There were, of course, downsides. But in Harmony's opinion, they were a small price to pay for a ticket to college. Whenever Caitlyn set eyes on her, there was on average thirty seconds between sight and action. She ended to swoop in on Harmony and pelt her with snidey comments and hurtful remarks. Some of which made her cry.

But, she was a firm believer in the phrase 'sticks and stones' and soon got over her hurt feelings. She was very careful not to get over this whilst Caitlyn was still in view; that surely would make things alot worse.

When there weren't many witnesses around, Caitlyn would fly into a terrible physical rage, with Harmony as the target. There were several bruises on her back and legs from the imprints of the rings and the heels that struck her.

 The effect of these encounters stayed with her for longer; it got harder and harder to hide the marks from her brother and from teachers with every beating she got.

Still, these were small prices to pay in Harmony's eyes; she always liked to look at things on the brighter side. This was a concept she lived by because of her own personal experiences.

Caitlyn strutted around the corner, but Harmony had heard the heels. She pushed her glasses up her nose again and deliberately exaggerated her shuffle.

The heels got quicker, louder, and closer.

She could almost feel her breath on the nape of her neck, and braced herself for the slap to the back of her head that would occur any second now.

It never came.

Instead, a pair of hand shoved her angrily into a nearby locker. She groaned in pain as her shoulder jarred and then cried out as her brain recieved the message about the agony in the thumb of her right hand.

She looked down to find it sticking out at a backward angle, and gulped away the bile rising in her throat.

Looking back at Caitlyn, and seing that same malicious grin on her stupid stuck-up face was too much for Harmony, and tears sprang to her eyes and began to roll down her cheeks.

Caitlyn pouted at her.

"Oh, I'm terribly sorry Har-moany, I tripped. You should look where you're going next time." she cooed.

Turning on her heel, Caitlyn clacked away down the corridor, laughing quietly to herself, leaving Harmony  standing against the battered locker, nursing a dislocated thumb.

The End

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