She grinned maliciously at the girl cowering against the locker. She loved seeing people's reactions to her very presence. Showed how important she was.

She continued to walk past the shuddering heap, and didn't even glance at the girl.

Heels clacked down the tiled corridor and as Caitlyn rounded the corner, she looked back to see Harmony relax slightly, right herself, and shuffle off to registration. Caitlyn pursed her lips; the very sight of that shuffle made her blood boil.

She continued on her parade around the corridors and was quickly flanked by Evan, on the left hand side. She ignored him; he was not important to her. He walked with her for a while, silent, almost pensive.

Niether person made an effort to start conversation, and yet both could feel the electricity in the air between them. It quickly became too much to bear, and she changed the course of her walk so subtely anyone watching would have had to work to notice.

He picked up the change however, and she heard his pace quicken in anticipation, like a dog who hears the packet rustling of its food.

It seemed to take an eternity, but they reached the unused classroom in a matter of minutes. With one last look to check for any witnesses, she pulled out a small brass key. As the saying goes, it isn't what you know, it's who.

Evan began to get fidgety, and she smiled to herself. She liked it when he was fidgety.

Deliberately taking her time, she slid the key into the lock, and turned it with a quiet click. He didn't even wait for her to stand properly, and in one smooth movement Evan had picked her up, opened the door, set her down, and locked the door behind them.

The lust in his eyes was almost laughable, she thought, but he mistook it for anticipation on her part, and kissed her passionately.

"Come on-" Caitlyn purred. "What are you waiting for?" her hands pulled him closer and began to work their way up his well muscled torso.

This time, he took her hands and held them still.

"Wait, we need to talk." she looked into his eyes again, to check she had not misread what she had been so sure of before. No, there was still that same wild look in them. Her forehead creased in confusion. She quickly became annoyed, and this turned into hate just as fast.

Who was he to stop her having what she wanted?

"What," she spat, "did you want to talk about?" he let go of her hands and took a step back at the vemon in her tone. It pleased her that he looked shocked, maybe even a little scared.  He swallowed, and took a deep breath, as though to calm his nerves.

"I don't think this thing with Isabelle is going to work out, you know." He said. "I have needs."  She laughed outright in his face.

"We all know about your needs, Evan." she traced her finger down his forearm and smiled as he shuddered beneath her touch. "I thought I was seeing to that."

He closed his eyes and rubbed them with his untouched hand.

"But she isn't. She won't let me go anywhere near her. She supposed to be my girlfriend." She tutted at him.

"Thats only for show, you idiot. I had assumed we'd gone over that too."

"Why are we even doing this anyway, Caitlyn? I know who I want. It isn't her." He took her hand in his and brought it to his lips. She looked at him again, and patted his head.

"That, my dear Evan, is for me to know. Now, off you trot, we've got registration to go to."

He scowled, mumbled something about things being unfair, and turned to unlock the door. He didn't bother looking back to throw the key back to her, and left the room without another word.

The End

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