Heartbreak and Hope

This is a song I wrote this morning on my way to work. I wish I could write music, because I'm not sure the peom sounds right without the tune. And I have no clue if the tune exisits or is something that popped into my head. <edited> This sounds best in a slightly southern accent. Alternate verse 3 is what Morgan singes to Ash in Heartache and Hope. 

verse 1
My heart has been broken

My life is a token
Played in a slot machine

Apples and oranges
Cherries and lemons
Trying to line up for me 


chorus 1
Can’t you see my heart is torn in two

Don’t you know it’s calling out to you

verse 2
If you’ve been wondering

Where the tears have been hiding
Look in my eyes you will see

Raindrops and teardrops
Around me are falling
Obscuring all that I see

Look at me

chorus 2
Can’t you see how my heart feels

Don’t you know how long it takes to heal

verse 3
Someday, provided

I have been guided
Into the arms of the right man

My heart will be flying
I won’t be crying
I’ll know all that I am

All I am


alternate verse 3

Someday, provided
We have been guided
Back into each other's arms

Our hearts will be flying
There'll be no more crying
We'll be safe from family harm

Safe from harm

The End

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