Let the Games Begin

Yes, I'm deciding to join in now.  I was brainstorming for NaNoWriMo and came up with this.....

The fingers of her left hand moved up and down the neck of the guitar knowingly, the thumb of her right gently strumming the strings.  She hummed quietly, her voice not forming the words in her head.

She balanced perfectly upon a branch about six feet high in the tree.  No, it was her tree, the one she came to when she needed to escape.  For some reason, it was teh one place where she heard thoughts that were only her own, saw a time that was only the present.

Her eyes were closed, her face serene, calm because of the pure nothingness she was experiencing. 

She didn't hear his footsteps as he approached, didn't feel his presence below her. 

"Hello, Emilia."  He murmured, just loud enough for her to hear.

Losing her balance and nearly falling off the branch, she opened her eyes.  "Wh-who are you?!"  She asked, bewildered, not used to having her peace interrupted. 

"Haven't you seen me before, Emilia?"  He said in a condescending way that was almost threatening. 

"I-I don't remember!  How do you know who I am?!"

"Perhaps you are as dense as they say you are..."  He chuckled a little at the thought. 

"Please.  Please, just tell me who you are.  I'll probably remember you if I just knew your name!"  Emilia said, partially irked because he made such a rude comment, but even more frightened. 

"Oh, you ruin all of my friend, Emilia.  I'm Coby.  Coby Larx."  Coby smirked. 

Emilia took in his appearance, and the name clicked.  She knew him from school, had heard his name before. 

The leather jacket, white tee, and jeans gave off a bad-boy vibe, further proven by his nonchalance.  The thoughts of his she had heard before screamed the opposite, though.  He was a mama's boy, never knew his dad.  He had perfect grades, only rivaled by her own.  And not one blemish on his record.  His small group of friends were similar to him; goody-two-shoeson the inside, tough on the outside.  Emilia had been curious about his little "gang" at the beginning of the year. 

"Oooh, I remember you.  You're the goody-good with the bad boy exterior."  She said, trying to phase him. 

Her attempt was in vain, for he remained unphased.  "Yes, I am.  And you're Emilia Jasper.  Popular girl who no longer wants a thing to do with anything associated with popularity.  Valedictorian, mind-reader and future-seeker extrodinare."

She was phased.  "How did you know that?" 

"You aren't the only mind-reader.  And I was... curious.  I heard you over here and figured you were alone, so I thought we could have a little chat."  He ran his fingers through his already tousled black hair, blue eyes glinting mischieviously. 

"Well, then.  Let the games begin."  She said sarcastically.

The End

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