Ash and Morgan - A Tragic End

I don't normaly write tragedies. My characters may go through them but the end is normally, well happy (though I refuse to make them a happily ever after). Anywho what you are about to read is a darker peice. It is a tormented ending for Ash and Morgan. It is not what will be, it is just a moment rattlig along in my head that had to be written. You can thank SpookofNight for making me share it.
:} Elorithryn


Damn this stupid boy fairy won’t leave me be and Ash needs my help. He’s gone and taken on more than he can handle. Again. Ha. At last I’ve evaded the boy. Fairies are so stupid sometimes. They have no clue what I’m doing. I think the only one who understands is the Queen.

Where is Ash? City. Figures. I am horrified by what I see as I near the edge of the veil. Thirteen of them. Really Ash, what were you thinking? I flit through, small enough to fit in the palm of a child’s hand.

This is bad, this is really bad. Ash is already on the floor. I’m too late. The thirteen stand around him. I hover above him. They don’t see me. I’m not paying attention to them. I’m trying to stem the loss of blood, without being to obvious. Then I hear it. One of them spits. It hits Ash’s open wound.




Forget guises. Before they can even laugh I stand before them, next to Ash. I slowly turn, glaring at each one of them in turn. The last one gets a wicked grin. He lunges for me. I have but one thing to say.

“I am sunshine.”

My arm’s raise, my wings spread out and head is thrown back. A full day of summer sunshine begins to glow from my body. It emanates from me, illuminating the whole room. I can not see. I am blinded by my own inner sun. I hear their screams.

I feel suspended for what feels like hours. Silence descends upon the room. My wings fold. My arms slowly lower to my side. I turn to look at Ash. He is barely breathing. I crumple to the floor beside him. My energy is gone. My world goes black. I am dying.


My lips tingle. Slowly my eyes flutter open. I am not dead. Ash’s clasps mine. It is cold. I look at him. He is cold. He is dead. His gun lies on the floor held in his other hand. He has shot a silver bullet through his heart. Only one sob escapes me before something inside snaps.

I pull my hand from his and find his cell phone. I call his father. He is angry.

“Ash, where the - are you? You should have finished that assignment hours ago.”

“Ash is dead.” My tone is stone cold. There is a brief pause.

“Who the – is this?”

“Morgan le fay”

I set the phone down on Ash’s chest. The last bit of my human self is broken. I can feel myself change as I walk across the veil. The Queen is there to greet me.

I now know why her eyes are steel grey, why her hair is raven black and why her beauty is unsurpassed. I know why she understood me, and what I had to do. I now know what I am to become.

“Welcome Morgan,” she says. Our hands clasp. “Queen of the Fair Folk.”

Her body dissipates like silver dust and I turn to stand and take her place. The boy faeries dare not approach me with offers of love. My heart is encased in cold steel and the Moon is now my light. Someday, another will take my place as I have done and then I too shall have peace.

The End

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