The Story Of Two Souls

My soul fluttered with no return… It was searching for its soul mate. The mission was accomplished until a dark smoke engulfed us, and set the two souls apart. One soul is imprisoned and will always be while the other is hovering, searching and trying to find its way through the smoke. They were deprived of each other; of even a glance and a simple touch. They were to be set apart for ever, but the love engrafted inside changed and would change their destiny. The souls endured the pain in the capricious changes, for they own a mutual hope. A hope which grew larger and bigger by the time until it turned to a battle cry. Their cry broke through the smoke and ruptured it into ashes. The soul was unchained and fled away with its soul mate. Again my soul fluttered with no return, but I know that it is soaring high this time, and I don't expect it to return, for there is no reason to return.       

The End

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