I missed the bus sometimes. I wished I'd been on the bus before I was pregnant, though. My precious little Sarah Morgan was exposed to so much danger, and she hadn't even been born yet. 

 I'm so glad that Morgan was there for me when we were between buses. I thought I had read enough, and my mom had told me enough about going into labour, but I actually knew so little. I thought my water had broken, but I wasn't even close. I had just wet myself our of fear when I fell over the axe murderer's axe.

Morgan helped me all along the second bus trip. She was shy and quiet, but she had that inner courage that bolstered my own. She' s probably the only girl I know that I can truly trust. I have a hard time making friends, because I can see people's aura, and I just naturally stayed away from anyone that was likely to give away my secrets, so I simply didn't tell anyone.

Morgan knows one secret.. that I can see auras. I almost told her my biggest secret, but the subject didn't come up. If she had asked me about Sarah Morgan's father, I would have told her the truth, all of it. Aunt Sarah and Uncle Ben know most of the truth, his name, his circumstances, and even what he is.

What they don't know is that he died so that our darling girl could live. He sacrificed himself to get us out of the horror that I had put both of us in, simply by not listening to reason. I knew he loved me, almost from the first moment we met.

His aura practically screamed out his love for me. It took him considerably longer to show me himself, through his words and actions. I missed Thalion terribly. Even his name in his native tongue spoke of his nature. Thalion in the Elven tongue means Hero. That is exactly what Thalion was, my hero of all heros.

I called Morgan tonight. I thought I might broach the subject of Sarah Morgan's parentage tonight, but she was having love trouble herself. Her love very nearly got her killed. At least we're safe here at Aunt Sarah's place. Thalion put a safety charm on this house and grounds, so that I would have a safe haven to run to if necessary.

He would have put a charm on my mom's house, but that required the permission of the owner. That was just not going to happen, not if I wanted to raise my child myself. Mom didn't even know Sarah Morgan's heritage, she just saw the baby as a burden, a threat to realizing my full potential. Mom was never able to see Auras, so she didn't understand them. Only Aunt Sarah accepted me as I was, and my baby as well.

I went into the room that I shared with my precious little half Elven beauty, and stared down at her as she slept peacefully in her crib. She was only months old, I wondered when she would begin displaying signs of her heritage.

The End

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