Encounter with a Vampire

(or Morgan finds she’s made of sunshine)

“Ash,” I call loudly through the woods. I haven’t seen him since the bus. We’ve talked on the phone a lot though. He never mentioned he was in the area near me.

“Stay back Morgan.” He doesn’t look at me. He’s looking at something I can’t see; something hidden in the shadows.

I stop, but I’ve come too far. Suddenly an arm streaks out and grabs me. I’m held in a very tight grasp. Ash has gone ashen.

“I’m very hungry you know,” a voice hisses. I’ve heard that voice before. I can only look at Ash. “I’m not sure how well I can control my hunger right now. It's been a while since I've last fed.”

“Don’t do it Alex.”

Another hiss comes from behind me. Alex, the vampire from the bus? I try to look back, but I’m held tight. I feel him tilt my head. A nail trails along my neck.

“Let her go!” Ash is becoming paler by the minute.

My eyes close, I feel the earth vibrate underneath my feet. “I am sunshine,” I whisper. I feel like I’m glowing. The vampire screams in pain. I’m let go. I stumble into Ash and turn around. “Sorry,” I whisper. Alex is clearly burnt where our skin had touched. Even Ash doesn’t hold me long.

“Sorry? He’s a vampire.” Ash is yelling at me. He’s clearly freaked.

I look at Ash, tears forming in my eyes. I’m backing away. “Sorry,” I say to him. “I’m sorry.” I say to both of them and turn and run.

I run through the woods. Tears blur my vision. I heal people, not kill people. I can’t even kill to save myself, or the guy I’ve fallen in love with. I trip and collapse where I am, sobbing.


“Morgan?” A voice breaks through my sobs.

“My blood is sunshine. It would be death to you.” I don’t know where that comes from. I don’t even know if it’s true.

“Look, Morgan, I’m really sorry about that. But you know,” his voice trails off.

I sit up and look at Alex. He does look really sorry.

“I didn’t kill him. He offered himself willingly, just enough to sate the beast, you know.”

I stand and dust myself off. Alex offers a handkerchief. It’s stained with blood. I use my sleeves to wipe my eyes. I turn and stalk back to where Ash lies on the ground.

“He really loves you, you know,” Alex calls back to me. “He’d die for you.”

I turn and glare at Alex. I don’t know what he saw in my eyes, but it made him flee.

I reach Ash, who lies on the ground. He’s pale but breathing. I place his head in my lap and stroke his hair. I watch as my magic dances along his hair and caresses his face.

“Morgan?” His voice is weak.

“Shh?” I place a finger on his lips. “Let the magic work.” I’m glad dad has been teaching me about Faerie magic; though apparently mine is different form his. Still he’s taught me how to draw from it. I am glad we are in the woods. If this had been an alley, I’d be hard pressed to find the strength I need, unless there was a daycare near by.

Ash blinks at me. I smile. With one finger I erase the bite marks Alex left. Ash slowly sits up and faces me. He seems astonished.

“Are, are you like Mai?”

“No,” I laugh, Mai is a much better healer than I, “I’m half Faerie, that’s all.”

“But?” he seems confused.

“I heal Ash, I don’t kill,” I say it sadly. I know he kills. He bears the name Van Helsing and it comes with a price. A price I know he hates to pay.

“Morgan, you shouldn’t be out here all alone. Did Mike really,” I place a finger on his lips. He stops scolding. He’s looking at me with those eyes of his. I know Alex is right. My heart has known it since I got off the bus.

“Your family need never know,” I whisper. My finger falls away. We kiss. Reluctantly I pull back and stand. “You should stop by sometime. Dad would love to see you again.” I leave him there, kneeling in the woods.

I’ve been able to disappear for years. Apparently it was s kill I’d developed on my own, before I knew I was part Faerie. I hated to use it on Ash. I really want to be with him. His confused and hurt look, confirmed that he too wants to be with me.

Tears are welling in my eyes as I back away. I run home. When I get there I call the only person I feel I can truly confide in; Gloria.




“Morgan, what’s wrong?”

“Is the baby sleeping?”

“Yes, I’m so thankful you helped me get her into a routine.”

A pause, I’m still trying to catch my breath.

“Are you okay Morgan?”

Even though the phone I can feel her concern. I flop down on my bed. “I kissed him.”

“Who? Ash?”

I nod like a dimwit, then respond “yes, well, I don’t know maybe he kissed me. It was kind of confusing.”

“When,” she sounds excited for me. Gloria has been my cheerleader in all this.

“Just now.”

“And you’re not still with him? Morgan!”

“I had to run away,” I’m beginning to sob again. “I heal, he kills.”

“Oh Morgan, I’m sure you can find a way.”

“How? If his enemies know, they’ll be all over me…” I trail off. There’s a knock on the door. My grandmother answers it. I hear Ash introduce himself. “I got to go,” I tell Gloria, “He’s here.”

“Good luck.”



I hang up. Talking with Gloria always gives me strength. I hope I don’t take it from her. I hope it’s just because she believes in me.

I look at myself in the mirror. It’s a good thing no one saw me come in. I look like a mess. Twigs are sticking out of my hair. I’ve got moss stuck to my skirt. If you ignore my red eyes then I look more like a Faerie than I have since elementary school. I laugh.

“Morgan,” my grandmother calls up the stairs. “There’s a nice young man named Ash here to see you.”

“I’ll be down in a moment Grandma.” I hear her escort him into the living room. I can’t take too long, or Grandma’s going to put him through 50 more questions than Dad would.  A quick brush through the hair takes care of the stuff there. As for my clothing, I resist the urge to change and brush myself off. I need a new lint roller. Lastly I blow my nose. There really is nothing I can do for my red eyes. I’ve never been into makeup. So I just wash my face and hope it doesn’t show too much.

The End

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