Country and Queen.

My first attempt at writing poetry, I'm well aware I can't do it haha, but its something that has to be done for my A-levels. So, here goes. Please don't kill it too much, I had that much trouble with it I might cry if it gets slated. =]


Country and Queen

I glance right, then left, then back to the right,

Many men run with me on this dark cold night.

The stars, they twinkle sleepily above;

Sleep is something we're destitute of.

Bullets fizzle, whizz past our running heads,

What any of us wouldn't give for warm beds.

Continue stampeding soft bogged earth,

This is so much less than our lives are worth.

A young lad falls down; knocks on death's door.

Yet another casualty in this war.

Where your main aim here is try to survive,

And pray to heaven that help will arrive,

We were sent to fight for country and queen.

And now, we will never forget this scene.


The End

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