"Here we are." Lieutenant Jones pulled up the car. Blackout leaped out before it stopped and raced up to the house. She used her powers to disable the security alarm and ran into the living, ignoring the lieutenant's shouting. She looked around the room. There was a man, another man and...

"A giant wasp!" she gasped. She had seen some crazy things at the asylum but not a giant wasp. She walked up to it. "What's your name?" she asked.

"Mummabutterflies." she replied nervously.

Blackout narrowed her eyes. "You're not a butterfly." She sniffed the air and smiled a wolfish smile. "Electricity." She moved her hands in a sort of frenzy and had soon spun a web of Mummabutterflies' electricity around the room. "What the..." Corporal Withers stood stock still to avoid getting shocked. Lieutenant Jones wasn't so lucky. He rushed into the room and got electrocuted. "Oops." Blackout dropped her arms and turned to the others while paramedics tended to Lieutenant Jones. "So what is this mission you wanted help with?"

The End

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