Mummabutterfliez: Buzz

I hovered closer to the desk Withers was sat behind and Moonwalker soon followed.

"This mission is very dangerous" Withers began showing no emotion much to my concern "But may save many lives. We need you to find out why people are dissapearing. Our records show many births every week but no trace after that. No death record, no school record...nothing. People are just dissapearing"

"Oh dear, that does sound rather bad. I'd die if one of my lovelies dissapeared"

"Thats the point. We have found a baby just like the ones dissapearing, we want you to look after the baby as a nanny, attach a tracking device then follow when it dissapears. We have enlisted help from a new agent, Blackout.

A nervous looking woman with shocking white hair strolled my way and shock my hand. I felt a surge of power and electricity surge through my veins. I screamed in pain as my insides flipped and flopped.

"My word that is unusual" Moonwalker gasped summing me up with an open mouth. He handed me a mirror and to my shock I had completely changed. I was no longer Mummabutterfliez. I was a....

"You're a wasp! How strange"

The End

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