She sat in her cell, watching, waiting, listening. Finally she heard it. Someone was coming. She grinned and looked up at the single light bulb illuminating the room.

Off. On. Off. On. Off.

          The woman on patrol peered into her cell. "Oh dear!" she heard her say, "It looks like I'll have to replace this light bulb." The woman walked away. The girl grinned again. Everything was going according to plan. The woman came back with the bulb and a needle. "Okey-dokey!" she said, "I going to give you an injection so you'll go to sleep." She said all of this very slowly. Like she was stupid or something. Before the woman could administer the sedative she directed the electric current from the bulb's socket to the woman. She screamed and collasped on the ground. The girl undid her straitjacket, just as she had practiced, and walked to the door. She saw the needle on the ground and picked it up. She might need it later. Then she checked the woman's pulse. Still alive.  She left the room and began to run down the hallway, ignoring all the other patients pleas to come and free them. She turned a corner and crashed into a man running in the opposite direction. The needle skidded across the floor and she quickly reached for it...

      "That will not be necessary." The man said calmly. She looked up at him warily. "I am Lieutenant Jones. You are wanted for you control over electricity in a top secret mission."


"Yes. Corporal Withers ordered me to bring you back with me."

She thought about it. She did need an escape route. "Okay, let's go."She ran down the hallway with Lieutenant Jones close behind. "What is your name?" he asked, "We don't have one on record for you."

What records am I on? she thought. "Call me Blackout!" she yelled and continued running.

The End

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