Luke Moonwalker

"Well, madam, I believe we have to talk about the details in my hidden chambers. It's likely someone might overhear us. I'll bring the nanny as soon as possible; I don't want to waste any time."

"Alright then, I'll get myself prepared for the misssion as I wait."

Lifting his uniformal hat in a salute, the man left very quietly, not making a single sound while he made a phone call to someone. Mammabutterfliezz didn't catch the name but she got very curious. How did he know her? He didn't look familliar at all. But all she could do now is to wait patiently to find the answers she needed.

Fifteen minutes later, Mammabutterfliezz heard a knock. She flew to the door to see who it was. Without a doubt, she knew it was the nanny the man had mentioned to her earlier.

"Hello, I have been informed that you need a nanny to take care of you children," said a woman about her age with sophisticated clothing.

"Yes, thank you for coming. Would you like for me to help you around the house before I leave."

"No thank you, I surely can take care of that." Saying it as if she knew the house from top to bottom. To Mammabutterfliezz she didn't look familiar either. "I was ordered to give you this before you left. It will help you find your way more faster." Handing a piece of paper which she took out of her right pocket.

"Thank you so much, but would it be okay if you could tell me something that would help me understand what is going on?"

"Sorry, but I'm not allowed to mention anything until you have reached the secret lair and have got all the information by the leader. I do apologize." Giving a pleading face as if she were complaining.

"No, it doesn't matter." She smile in response, picking up her bag and closing the door behind her, leaving the lady to do her job.

Mammabutterfliezz didn't have much difficulties to find the place; the instructions from the paper the nanny had given her were a big help indeed. She walked through some corridors and found a open door. She went inside and  saw the man she had seen in the morning.

"Welcome, Mammabutterfliezz. It's nice to see you again," said the man in his usual attempt at a formal accent. 

"You, too," she replied in a kind manner, flinching at that split second and pointing her finger at a man that was standing right next to him on the left,"But I didn't catch your name."

"My apologies madam. My name is Luke Moonwalker.

The End

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