"Come on now my dearies, time to get up!" I sighed pulling of the duvet cover with my antenaee. My many caterpillar began squirming in the bed, desperate for some more rest time

"You'll have plenty of time to sleep when your metamorphosising!"

I don't know. What will I do with my babies. Just then, the doorbell rang. Without a moments hesitation I flew down our old oak staircase to the door. A stern looking man was there to greet me, he wore a uniformal hat to cover his shaven head, it did not however cover the scars along his neck and face

"Good morning Madam" he said in his best attempt at a formal accent

"Good morning" I replied, my large sapphire wings still fluttering

"I'm corporal Withers, I'm here because we need your skills in a top secret exploration mission"

"My skills? What might that be?"

"Your ability to fly and show a scary face with your wings. If you join up now we can offer a nanny to help look after your children"

"All forty-nine of them?"

"Indeed. Please, we need you Mummabutterfliezz"

"Ok, I'm in. What might this mission of yours be then, might I ask?" 

The End

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