"Original Song"

A two-part song I wrote last month.

Original Song-02/27/13
Part 1
You got me goin' around in circles, don't know where I'm headed, but I know that I'm ready for this. 
Every time I think of you, a smile comes to my face, that's just something in my heart, that will never be erased, 'cause holding onto you, it gives me happiness. What will I do without you near me? 
Giving up is not an option, I can't let go, but sometimes I need to know how you feel, too. 
Because being in love with you, gets confusing sometimes, I try to understand why, I can't get through, even though I'm trying, to understand you. 
There's things that you do, that drive me crazy, wondering how it would be if we were together, but I can't understand why you won't tell me, exactly what's on your mind. 
Part 2
You've got my heart spinnin' around, spinnin' around, can't shake away from the ground, you keep me centered, to the earth, every time I'm with you, it's like the first, but holding you this way, drives me crazy, everyday. 
I hold onto your love, this is everything I've been dreaming of, I don't want to let go, ever of you, 'cause you give me something to believe in, too. 
You hold my hand, make everyday brighter, you give me love no one can understand, and still it takes me higher, past the clouds, out into the atmosphere, can't you see what I'm saying here? 
You've got everything, that I need, and still, I can't help but want more with you, you're what I've been waiting for. 
And I know, that things get difficult for us, but I know we can get through this, because...
The love is there, holding us everywhere, no matter where we go, I'll always know, that you and I, were meant to be, forever, 'cause no one knows me better. 
You're the only one I'm thinking of, surrounding me with your endless love, holding on, even though you're gone for the day, but I know I'll see you again, friend...
You're more to me, than any other friend has ever been, because I love you, too, it makes it different, being in love, but still, I'm learning more about myself. 
Understanding everything, that I didn't know. You drive me out of my mind, all the time, constantly thinking about you, I know that you have thoughts inside your head, about me, too.
So, I'll wait for the next time, to hear the perfect voice that daily crosses my mind. No matter where I go, or what I do, I'm always thinking about you. 

The End

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