Questions, Questions

Questions, I love them and hate them at the same time. I love them because they make me different from alot of people I know. I don't just accept everything, which is why I'm an atheist, though almost everyone I know is Christian. I don't just follow the "mainstream", I suppose.

I was the most impossible kid to read a story to, always wanting to know what words meant, and why certain characters did things. Maybe that's why I write, to answer my own questions. But with one book, 'The Ugly Duckling' I would beg my dad "not to read the sad part."

I hate questions because they were like the death of magic for me. I stopped writing 'cute' stories when I found out (through my own relentless questioning) that alot of the happy, Christmas memories I treasured were mainly lies. Well, lies is a harsh way to put it, but "non-truths."

So questions formed most of the important choices in my life, but also destroyed a lot of things that meant something to me.

I wish more people questioned things. Like "do I like this song or am I just listening to it 'cause it's a 'hit'?" or "Do I like this book or am I just reading it to be a part of the conversation?"

Maybe there would be less kids self-harming because they don't 'fit in.' If people asked questions, just to themselves, if nothing else, than maybe they could discover who they really were and what they really liked?

Just my thought for today.


The End

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