Only In your mind

Only in your Mind is there a safe Haven. Perhaps it's better that way.





My snout rises above the water, and I give my tail a casual flick. I can see and feel the waters rock above me, and the currents pushing me deeper into the depths.


My green and silver eyes, become slivers, as I cast a glance about me. I raise my lip slightly, showing my teeth. They are elongated, curved, ivory colored fangs.


I can feel the uneasiness of the sea. The waves rise above me, roaring and crashing around me.  The winds howl, as they surf above the dips of the freezing water.


I tighten my claws and go under, inhaling breath after breath, from my gills. I skim the rocky, sandy bottom, noticing the pebbles swerve from the current and the storm.


I propel myself, by widening my claws and paddling forward. The flesh connecting my claws catches the water delicately, though I am far from that word.


My sister, her scales a deep sea green, as mine are a blue and silver, swims next to me. She was born of the Twenty-Seventh egg, as I was of the secondth.


Her eyes are a soft blue, and she swims under me, her small form easily dwarfed by  mine.


We are the last. My brothers have since decided to go to shallower water, where prey is easy, and the light penetrates the ocean.


What they forget, is the No-Scales hunt us, as we hunt them. A vicious cycle. They despise us, as we despise them.


 I can detect the bitterness in my mind.


The water quiets above us, pleased with its ruckus. My sister and I surface, pleased to feel the sun on our horns, snouts, and eyes.


We blink slowly and go down, remembering that the light is not ours, only the Darkness and safety of the water.


The Darkness has been ours for a long time, holding our great bodies and power, and grace.


I taste the scent of prey, and snarl.


To hunt is one of our single joys.


My race’s joy.


I see it, a small giant squid, swimming lazily, unaware of it’s demise.


My sister and I split, steadying our wings in the water, floating, and waiting for the right moment to strike.


It twists past us, and then , I roar, and sink my fangs into it’s soft, see through body.


If Squids could squeal, it certainly would have. As it was, it thrashed, and curled.


My sister tore off its head, and we enjoyed our first food in weeks.


After eating our fill, we swim again, and playfully chase each other through the water. Our claws scrabble against each other’s scales, and suddenly, I feel the need to surface.


I do so, and race over the water, as quiet as an  Angel’s wing beat.


My long neck looks out over the ocean. My home, My world, My life. And I sink under the waves again.

I am the Sea Dragon.



Anne poked her head out from under the water, and took her goggles off her head. She looked miserably back at the water. She enjoyed playing Sea Dragon. Her sister popped up and ran out.


Anne sighed. Her world, was living hell. Her parents divorced, her brother dead, and her mother to wrapped up in her own life to notice her.


The only safe place now, was her mind, and her ability to make a safe Haven in there.


In the world, sometimes it was the only safe haven possible.



The End

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