Only in a dream

"Only in a dream" is a story about what i wish i could have but it is only in a dream that it will happen.

I wish i had a happy place, A place where i can rest, A place where all troubles are non existant and a place where friendship is everywhere you go, It is a place where happiness never dies, A place that is beautiful and all to myself. A place where the sun always shines and the streams are clear.

But that is only in a dream.

I wish i had someone,Someone who i can trust,Someone who know's right from wrong, Someone who can take care of me and always cheer me up when i am sad, Someone who is handsome, Someone who is kind, Someone who always takes the right path and never turns back, Someone who is always certain and can wipe away any tears.

But that is only in a dream. 

I wish i was so beautiful and the sun would shine on my tanned yet porcelain skin, My bright blue eyes would sparkle in the moonlight, I wish i had no flaws. My long wavy blonde hair would shine with a glorious passion, My lips so pink and large they were irresistible and soft, My ears do not stick out nor do they stick in but thay are perfectly placed on my round head.

But that is only in a dream.

I will get a happy place one day maybe soon, I will find someone who suits me the best and I can be nothing but myself.

The End

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