Presence Unknown

The electric had gone. We were in jet black darkness. 

Everything was silent except for our breathing, unsettling in a hushed panic.

Something was out there.

Beside me, someone shifted, causing the boy behind me to whimper. I had to bite my fist as their hair brushed against my arm.

Silent seconds passed slowly and painfully while we waited.

Something was out there.

A child began crying and her mother tried to hush her desperately, her voice shaking as she did so. The crying didn't stop so I turned to help calm the child down. The mother nudges her towards me, shaking her head in apology. 

My eyes had just started to adjust to the blackness, so I was able to see the dark smudges my hands left on the little girl's arm. Her mother's horrified gaze matched my own.

Sodden steps could be heard. Each footstep as followed immediately by a sharp screech, as though someone was dragging a heavy weight across the floor. Closer and closer.

Something was coming.

A large chain swung down from the ceiling, and the whole group moved so suddenly that I was knocked to the ground. 

My elbows slipped on a coat of thick, warm liquid. The smell of rust became very strong.

Something was in the room.

A hush fell an the footsteps stopped. 

A crushing presence entered the room, physically pushing people to the ground. Nails scratched down a blackboard.

The silhouette of a young child, no older than ten, was illuminated only by the dim glow of night from the windows, six feet above us. Its hand was chained to a boulder.

Two beads of reflection glimmered in its head.

Something could see us.

The End

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