How Life Changes

I remember how happy she was when they first started going out. Her eyes alight with excitement and her nerves making her fidget.

"Guess what, Cathy! Guess, guess, guess!" She gushed, her grin telling me how pleased she was about it.

Now, though, I can see how stressed just talking to him makes her. Every time they have a conversation she has to tell him off because of some complaint us worthless excuses for friends has about him.

I used to watch them when they talked, just to see how they acted together - if they were still happy.

I had to stop. It was too painful.

She would stroke his face, kiss him, tell him how sorry she was that she had to talk about this again. She looked so helpless.

They would look into each other's eyes, then he would pull her to him and hold her close. He would hide his face in her neck. He would be fighting back tears.

I could see how much it hurt her.

I could see how much it hurt them both.

Quite often, I see them walk off somewhere together. It's hard not to wonder where they're going.

Well, wherever it is, do they talk about happy things? Away from us getting involved in their relationship, do they feel better?

It's no my place to say, but I hope so. I really, really hope so.

The End

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