Falling Out of the Closet

So, out of pure boredom, I've decided to post up stuff from one of my notepads.
In this notepad, I write random scenes that come into my head, just in case I want to use them. However, I also set myself a challenge. The scenes must take up no more than one A4 page of this notepad, and consequently are quite short.
And yes, I do cheat by changing the size of my handwriting to fit it all in. Shhh (:

By big sister laughed at me the day I fell out of the closet. 

I say "fell" because metaphorically, that's what I did. Seriously.

I didn't decide to come out of my closet, and nobody pushed me out of or revealed my closet.

My closet was the kind of closet that everyone could guess the contents of. In fact, my closet was so transparent that I didn't even realise I was in one until I fell out.

"I fancy this guy in my Spanish class," I said. And there I fell. I told Delilah that I was gay before it even registered in my own mind that I was.

She said, "I know you do, Brandon. Everyone knows you do." Then she burst into a fit of giggles at my stupidity. 

As it turned out, there was not a single person at my school who did not know of my homosexuality. 

Very few people had caught on that I myself hadn't realised. The rest were either politely waiting for me to reveal it, or had assumed that I was both aware of and comfortable with the fact that they knew.

Either way, nobody cared. They were so used to me liking other guys that they didn't give it a second thought.

My friend Sophie said that she couldn't even remember thinking I was straight. She reckoned that everyone was so accepting of it because I had never treated it as a difference or something to be secretive about. And because of that, neither did they.

The End

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