Scarlett felt an odd warmth sneak into her closed eyes and, easing them open, could see herself being raised into a new room, one with a massive, arched ceiling, and rows upon rows of candles. She saw the white-cloaked figure tugging on the rope that held the dumbwaiter aloft and, without hesitating, squirmed out of the compartment even as she saw them jump back, surprised.

The rest of her tormentors, also nearby, ran towards her. Scarlett froze, terrified, blind to the blood-red colour seeping into her irises.

“Expellat tenebras.”One of them muttered, waving a flaming torch at the woman.

The blue in her eyes instantly vanished, her pupils narrowing to slits. An overpowering anger muffled her senses, only competing with the sudden bloodlust washing over her. She flinched away from the flame, an unrecognizable hiss rising from her throat.

Another one of the white-hooded lunged at her, making Scarlett instantly raise a hand and twist it, causing them fall limply to the ground, a bloody stain spreading over their chest and through the pristine cloak. The sight and smell of blood made the woman lose what little control she had retained, teeth bared and crimson eyes flitting back and forth madly, fists clenched and shaking at her sides.

Those remaining became completely still, held in place by fear and the sight of their dying comrade. Scarlett took a few, tentative steps, watching as the hooded moved and allowed her to pass.

The cathedral was dark as she walked through it, illuminated by the soft glow of blazing torches and oil lamps. Two long lines of benches were nailed down each wall, punctuated by various paintings hanging in ancient frames, most of them of glowing personages or an odd, bright orb.

A word suddenly popped into Scarlett’s mind unbidden, filling her with unknown resentment. Helionists. Sun-worshippers.

The double doors loomed in front of her, growing larger as she neared them. Rows and rows of metal bars sealed them shut, menacing in their cold black iron.

 The girl waved a hand at them, reducing them to dust, and hungrily pulled the doors open. She stumbled back instantly, eyes flushing blue once more in her surprise.


The End

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