One mans belief

My beliefs and the rules I set for myself.

A belief, if strongly believed in turns itself into a rule. Everyone’s life is governed by rules. Most of them are imposed by the society and don’t make much of a difference to who we are. The rules set by one’s own self are rules that matter. For me, it’s not really important if I’m trespassing in a prohibited area or honking in a silent zone, all that matters to me is that I don’t break the rules I have set for myself. It’s far easier to overcome a societal penalty than a kickback from your own conscious.

I have come across quite a few people who have made a mark on me with their ability to overcome pressure and opposition just to stick to their values. The ability to break free from tension and the grip of criticism and follow your beliefs is a gift from the above. I have many personal accounts where I have been in the line of fire just because I have done what I believed is right and I have also seen many of my acquaintances being grilled for the same. Following your beliefs is the corner stone of having a balanced and a content life, it never leaves you in any uncertainty or leads you to a path where you are bound to get lost in life.

If you have a dream and lack the ability, just hold on to it for one day the ability will present itself to you in a manner and form you never expected. You can have anything you want if you will give up the belief that you can't have it. These lines come at a time when I am challenged the most and when I draw inspiration from others lives around me. People, who I think have always been stronger than I am. People whose dedication and perseverance inspires my heart and my mind. This piece is my sincere attempt to show gratitude towards them for unknowingly inspiring me in firming up my resolve for all better and wholesome things in life. Thank you.

The End

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