one and the same

many of the popular girls in my school look down at us non-populars, so i wrote this in honor of them, hope you enjoy <3

we are the same, you and i.  maybe not on the outside, but on the inside, yeah.  just a jumbled mass of flesh, muscle, and organs.  there is nothing special about it/you, so must you judge the rest of us?  you think you are better than us because you are blinded by your popularity, but honey, i can see right through your disguise.  on the outside, you are a preppy girl, but on the inside you are dying to be seen for the real you.  you are worn down and tired of pretending to be someone you are not.  break free and show your true colors.  stop being afraid of what your friends are going to say, and become your own unique person.  go toward the light and be strong, 'cuz babe, all that matters is what you think.

The End

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