On the Sensitive Subject of Guys

Guys. Boys. Men. Whatever you prefer to call them. 

I've tried to figure them out for years. I unfortunately had the pleasure of growing up in a home where the dominate male figure was a fake, a liar, and easily angered. 

After said male figure exited my life rather abruptly, I began to look at other men, father's, boys my age. When I went to friends houses, I closely observed how the family interacted with the father. Most of what I saw was fear, avoidance, under-the-counter anger, and harsh submission. This is what I grew up with, and thus started to believe that men were all the same. 

I started looking at some of the boys my age, some a little older. I observed them and realized that while many of them weren't angry, they played with girl's heart like a strings on a guitar. They could make them sway from total happiness to total depression. Some of them didn't, but had different issues. I didn't like what I saw.

Now hold on! Guys, if your reading this, don't give up on me now! This is somewhat of a rant, but not completely. 

I have never dated. I always planned on dating or courting when I met the one I knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. I always said to my Father "Dad, I want to marry a guy just like you when I grow up!" But now I realize, I shy away from any guy that appears like my father on the outside or inside. I am slowly realizing that maybe, just maybe, God doesn't have a man for me.

Maybe, just maybe, the man God intended for me didn't follow his chosen path and thus will never meet me. I always dreamt of going to the formal with him, of spending our high school years together. But now I realize, I probably won't marry any of the guys I know now. But on the other half of my heart, I know God has a guy for me. Just not for right now. 

So this is a call to all you men or guys. Stand up. Be honest. Don't play with girl's emotions. Don't treat any girl like second best. They are all important, but all of them aren't intended for you. But never the less, treat them all like ladies. This is the kind of guy a girl is attracted to. Not a handsome, muscular, six-pack guy, who is a jerk. Cause remember, looks will fade, and then what will you be left with? A jerk. 

The End

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