On the Rise and Fall of Empires

A complete history of the fictional world of Aeya, written by Dr. Krozen Forhart, senior professor at the Universtiy of Fallart n'Surn.

"The world of Aeya has a rich history, spanning centuries of war, politics and technological innovation. At the centre of this lie the Crystals- mysterious objects of limitless power, which for a long time have shaped the course of history."

-Krozen Forhart, On the Rise And Fall of Empires, Chapter 1- The Land of Aeya

((It should be noted that the whole Historian business acts only as a framing point for this... thingy. Aeya was the setting for a story I was writing once, but as it grew, its size and complexity outweighed the story itself, and so I've undertaken a project to realise this world as fully as I can. Perhaps the story will come later. Further writing will be from my point of view, not Dr Forhart. Also most names are temporary, and will likely be changed before this is finished.))

Aeya is a land not dissimilar to our own. Existing on the cusp of the industrial revolution, the central difference between us is the crystals. No one alive knows what they are or where they come from, but these magical stones have been the cause and end of every major historical event since they were discovered. We would probably refer to their powers as 'magic', but there is more to it than that. This will be examined in greater detail in a later chapter.

In physical terms, Aeya probably covers an area of about 60000 square miles. It's about 300 miles long by 200 miles high, or at least that's the area we're covering. Mountain ranges cover the south-east border, which eat up a lot of space, and just under 1/4 of the rest is ocean, give or take. ((It's probably best not to think about the physical aspects too much. A full map of Aeya will be uploaded soon)) There are only a few large cities in modern Aeya- the port city of Fallart n'Surn, and the island-city Titan, seat of the emperial throne. Other cites such as Solst and T'hya, as well as Aeyrt more recently, lie in ruin after the Great Wars.

The primary form of transportaion in Aeya is Skyship. First developed before the First War, these crystal-powered machines have revolutionised commerce as well as battle. Generally constructed from metal, modern Skyships vary greatly from small commercial transports to hulking military giants, but none would be easily compared to anything that exists in our world.


So that's a brief summary of Aeya. Not very well described, but this doesn't even scratch the surface of our new world. Here's a list of the various chapters I'll be going into later on. In no particular order:

Early history- 0 na - 600 na         (New Aeyan)

The First War- 600 na - 700 na

The Second War- 800 na - 850 na

Modern History- 850 na - present (866 na)

The crystals



The Empire

The Ancients

Technological developments (modern)


Geography (Pre-empire)

Geography (Post-empire)

((I'll add anything else I can think of as it comes to it. Some chapters will no doubt be split into two or three segments.))


The End

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