On Solitude...

Poetic musings on a theme of your choice...

I had originally intended this to be a collection of poems with pictures attached but until I figure out how to do that I have decided to use it as a place for us all to revel in marginalised and out-of-use vocabulary.

I invite you to come add, bringing with you any under-used or 'old-fashined' words or phrases you'd like to re-acquaint us with...

: )



I think about you lots

and smile away my time

While sinking, thinking are your thoughts a million miles from mine?

For somewhere down inside myself I think somehow you'll know

When next we meet

that I've been sweetly doting on you so.


I see you in a bar

You stop and say 'hello'

A moment's glance, a chance, I wait, you hesitate then go 

For one so used to solitude, the hardest thing to do

is trust enough

in love to say the words you know are true...


'I love you'



The End

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