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Matt Slick, founder of CARM, the Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry, writes that, in a debate, the only logical argument that an atheist can use is "that it may be possible that there is no God" (Slick).  He then goes on to compare the nonexistence of God to the existence of "an ice cream factory on Jupiter," indicating that there is an equal probability of both, and that one may as well argue against the existence of a Higher Power as argue for the existence of Jovian soft-serve.

This makes absolutely no sense to me.  In my, admittedly biased, view, it is the other way around.  When a equation is made between two opposite actions (in this case disbelief in God and belief in Ben and fucking Jovey's), it is a clear red flag for a false analogy.  If we edit it a bit, so that belief=belief and disbelief=disbelief, however, we come out with a more logical comparison.

So, in my view, arguing that there is a God is more similar to arguing that there is an Iogan Dazs (sorry, couldn't resist) factory located upon the planet with the Great Red Spot that is arguing against the aforementioned's existence.  But that's just my humble opinion, and I don't think I'll use it in a debate.

As one can tell, the question of "is there a God?" is more difficult to answer and prove than smaller religious considerations.  I find it more fun to disprove little tidbits.  Note: it may seem that I'm picking on Christianity excessively in this portion--that is not out of emnity for the followers of Jesus, but rather because it is the religion with which I am most familiar.

It's already been proven beyond any reasonable doubt that the world was not created 6000 years ago.  No matter how long certain southern states try to teach their public school children that early humans lived in a world populated by dinosaurs, it is just not so (two words for you: carbon dating.)  Also, it no longer seems likely that the world was created in six days, or that humans were originally created to reign over the earth (I mean, come on, we only showed up in relatively recent history).  And evolution is real, dammit.  That's why there are drug resistant diseases.  One strain of pathogen can evolve into a completely different species in a matter of hours.  Evolution is also why the little furball you call a "dog" and dress in sweaters does not eat you.

By the way, as Jupiter is named for the king of the Roman Gods, not the American ones, I would very much doubt that there is an ice cream factory there.  It would simply not be allowed.

Gelato, now...that's a different story.

Per favore.

The End

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