On Friendships

I like to think of friendship as a sort of quasi-stock market where people represent the individual stocks and their relative cost of investment. Some friendships require a great initial investment of time and effort, and in return they yield a high stream of revenue on a short term basis.

Conversely, other friendships require a lesser initial investment but in doing so relegate themselves to a lower short term profit. The value of these two types of friendships -- when compared side-by-side -- sheds light as to which is the sounder investment.

Though, the first type of friendship provides high initial revenue and a sort of instant gratification, eventually the value of these relationships tends to reach a point of stagnation. Whereas, the later of these two variations experiences a slow but continuous pattern of growth over the course of time. Eventually, the later far succeeds the former, which, in turn, illustrates which of the two investments was the wisest.

The End

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