Scene 12Mature

The scene opens to Kalliope sitting in jail casually, though backed into a corner and hugging her knees. The majority of her face is consumed by shadow, but it is easily seen that she's glaring threateningly towards the other occupants of the cell.

Men have gathered around her, jeering and laughing. They're in a semi-circle, pushing each other around, much to the displeasure of Kalliope.

Prisoner 1, laughing through his words: Now the jailkeeper's in jail, isn't she?

Prisoner 2: I guess that's what you get for running off like you did. Mocking Alutia: "NO ONE GETS OUTSIDE!"

Prisoner 3: That, and being a convicted criminal in the first place!

The insult is followed by a few 'OOH!'s. All the men laugh as Kalliope rolls her eyes.

Prisoner 2, bending down, leaning close to Kalliope: What, are you angry about finally getting caught?

Kalliope simply pushes him away by his face. As she does so, the men point at Prisoner 2 in a sudden uproar of laughter.

Prisoner 2: What was that?

Kalliope slightly shrugs in response, but makes no move to speak. Prisoner 2, angered by her attitude, throws a punch at her face with a grunt. Kalliope simply moves to the left and dodges the attack; due to this, Prisoner 2 ends up punching the wall.

Kalliope, her voice overflowing with sarcasm as Prisoner 2 grasps his aching hand: That's a really good idea. She pauses tauntingly. Let's hurt and taunt the only person who knows how to break out of here.

The men suddenly stop laughing. Prisoner 1 steps forward, making sure he doesn't get too close.

Prisoner 1: You know how to get out?

Kalliope, slowly: Well, let's see. I was Alutia's first servant, which means I helped build these things, including the trick locks. Besides that, I've been letting prisoners in and out for a long time, so obviously I know a lot about these things anyway.

Each prisoner looks her up and down, as though staring would reveal whether she's lying or not.

Prisoner 1: Then how about you let us out?

Kalliope: No, thanks.

Prisoner 1: Why not?

Kalliope stares at him for a second, then explains:

Kalliope: I hate Alutia more than you can imagine. At some point, I'm going to forcefully remove her from power. And, honestly, letting you out would only create chaos that would prevent me from doing so quickly.

A slight smirk takes over Prisoner 1's face.

Prisoner 1: You? Remove her from power?

Kalliope, determined: Yes.

Prisoner 1: When do you suppose this'll happen?

Kalliope: It's happening now, sir.

CUT to Ueath running back down the hallway towards the jail door, obviously still frightened by his past experience with Alutia's worshippers. He pounds on the door and enters, finding Kalliope curled up in her corner with Prisoner 1 dangerously close.

Ueath: Kalliope!

She turns to look at him, then smiles and stands, pushing Prisoner 1 back by his face this time.

Kalliope, walking to the door and letting herself out: Took you long enough. As she starts to leave with Ueath, she waves to the Prisoners: Nice meeting you!

Ueath seems like he's about to ask questions, but Kalliope shakes her head slightly.

Kalliope: Just keep walking.

The End

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