Scene 11Mature

The scene cuts to Ueath attempting to sneak through the guestroom quickly, inching along the small tables to another door opposite the one he just entered from. He looks around warily. His gaze finally falls on Alutia's worshippers, who are gathered around her throne now, cross-legged, speaking among themselves.

After a few seconds, Deranged Man 1 turns to look at Ueath. He jumps up almost excitedly and starts to run to the frightened Ueath, mumbling to himself under his breath as he does so.

Deranged Man 1 has wild eyes, just as wild as his white hair and torn suit that bears an ominous resemblance to Ueath's tuxedo. He has a menacing and delusional smile plastered on his face, never faltering nor leaving.

Ueath tries to politely back away from him, but in his haste runs into a table and knocks a plate off, shattering it. He pays little attention to the broken tableware, however, and focuses on getting out of the room.

Eventually, Deranged Man 1 reaches Ueath and grabs his arm, awkwardly staring up into his face.

Ueath, in a slightly disgusted tone: Can I help you...?

Deranged Man 1's eyes are tragically pleading as he struggles to speak. They gleam with the same tears as Kalliope's and his eyebrows are raised.

Deranged Man 1: Where is Alutia?

Ueath: Outside. Trying to squirm away from the man: As you must know, she's a very busy woman and is currently taking care of very important business.

Deranged Man 1: What business is this?

Ueath, shortly: Imprisonment.

Deranged Man 1, shouting back to the worshippers: Did you hear that? He turns back to Ueath. Who did she catch?

Ueath: Just a woman.

Deranged Man 1: Was it Kalliope?

Ueath suddenly stops trying to get away and stares back at the man.

Ueath: What?

Deranged Man 1: Our ruler has been after Kalliope for many years. She's a killer, you know.

Ueath: So I've heard.

Deranged Man 1: Killed her husband, she did. Burnt the body so Alutia wouldn't find out.

Ueath, now interested: Really...?

Deranged Man 1: Tried to kill our Alutia, too. Came after her with a knife one day.

Ueath: Good for her, then.

Deranged Man 1: No! No, bad for her!

Ueath, with a chuckle: You understand that you're slaves, don't you? I mean--

As though sensing that Ueath is badmouthing Alutia, the the rest of the worshippers start to stand. They pause for a few seconds, then start to walk towards Ueath and the man that holds him there. The group reaches for him with battered hands, calling for Alutia as they advance. Ueath panics, his eyes now full of fright, and pulls his arm away from the man. He runs to the door and opens it easily.

Ueath runs through the doorway, slamming the door behind him. As he turns towards the camera, he shivers and closes his eyes.

The End

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