Scene 10Mature

Ueath raises a single eyebrow, taking a few steps away from Kalliope. She doesn't seem to notice, but rather runs her finger along the edge of her blade (harmlessly), as though she's reminiscing. They both look up in alarm as there's a startlingly loud pounding on the door.

Kalliope, pushing Ueath towards the back of the room and hissing: Back, back! She holds her knife defensively and walks to the door, gripping the worn doorknob and pressing her ear to the door.

Kalliope, listening intently: Nothing. Pause. Seems they've left.

Kalliope looks Ueath up and down, as though sizing him up for something, then goes back to listening.

Kalliope, decidedly, after a few seconds: You stay here. She's about to leave, then turns back: Unless I'm in trouble, of course...she turns as though to leave, but stops, thinking over her statement with a confused look. About to say something, but instead shaking her head, she leaves.

Kalliope goes through her doorway (leaving the door open and Ueath alone), turning the corner. As she does so, she sees a disarmed (his dagger is on the floor) Guard 2 patting the wall, pounding it every once in a while, searching for her room.  Kalliope tries to tiptoe back into the desired room, but Guard 2 and Alutia look up.

Alutia, shouting, making the guard jump: GET HER!

Guard 2 grabs his dagger, coming after Kalliope and trying to drag her to Alutia. Annoyed, Kalliope swipes at him with her knife. Guard 2 grunts and grabs his arm, releasing Kalliope. She stands braced, not ready to surrender.

Kalliope, eyes flashing with excitement, tauntingly: You give up?

Guard 2 wordlessly charges again with his dagger, evaded easily by his target. He grunts, this time of frustration, and tries again. Kalliope ducks this time, sending him running down the hallway. He stops and turns towards her, enraged and irked. She looks at him loftily.

Kalliope: Are you done now?

Guard 2 pulls a small, 1840s-style revolver from his belt, aiming it at her head. Alutia stifles a laugh from down the hallway as Kalliope stands defeated.

(Ueath's POV shot) Ueath just sees Kalliope standing in the doorway, outlined by a dim light as he was in his dream (although this is a darker version).(End POV shot) But then the slight click of the revolver makes him jump, and he runs outside to help.

Kalliope grabs him by the arm as he reaches her.

Kalliope, whispering to him without any other movement: She's going to take me to the jail. Meet me there as soon as possible. She pauses and looks at the gun warily. But for now, I want you to run. And hide. Don't let them find you, don't let them catch you, and don't let them trick you. Panicked: Run!

Ueath nods, a worried and slightly confused look on his face. He suddenly starts to sprint down the hall past the unsuspecting Guard 2, exiting through the doors to the guest room.

Alutia, as Guard 2 attempts to run after him: No! No! Get HER!

Kalliope stays stiff as Guard 2 walks back to her and grabs her forearm, pressing the gun to her temple. He raises his eyebrow, waiting for approval. Alutia nods, then turns to the wall and opens another door, dim light pouring out and lighting her smug face.

The End

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