Scene 9Mature

Alutia lets out an angered grunt, clenching her fists. Guard 2 shrinks further into the shadows of the large building as she does so.

Alutia, in a screech of sudden rage: WHAT ARE YOU DOING OUTSIDE?!

Ueath and Kalliope don't answer, but stand together, just staring. Ueath narrows his eyes slightly.


Alutia storms up to the two, grabbing their forearms forcefully. Her brow furrows as she does so.

Alutia, calling behind her, suddenly sadistically calm: Guard, take them away. I want you to--

Kalliope, interrupting her sarcastically and tearing her arm away: What are you going to do? Pause, then, angrily: You've already taken his son and stolen my husband, what else do we have?

Alutia pauses and drops Ueath's arm. Ueath cradles it, red marks already forming on both his and Kalliope's (though she doesn't seem to notice).

Alutia, loftily: Oh, but you keep forgetting: I wasn't the one who killed him, dear.

There's another short pause as she walks threateningly close to Kalliope. Ueath watches curiously yet resentfully.

Alutia: I'm not the murderer here.

Kalliope: You're not a murderer? Tauntingly: Then how did you obtain this power, Miss omnipotence?

Alutia: Fair play.

Kalliope: Hah!

Alutia, tauntingly: You're just angry because your husband didn't want you. Because he deserted you.

Kalliope sets her jaw furiously, grabbing Ueath's hand. They quickly walk away. Kalliope leads Ueath into the building, kicking the frightened Guard 2 out of her way as she enters. Alutia, a little stunned but mostly offended, whirls around to watch her.

Alutia, screaming at Guard 2: GET THEM! GO!

Guard 2 quickly stands and runs down the hallway after the two, drawing his dagger.

Kalliope stops near the large black door. She turns to the wall and drops Ueath's hand carelessly, quickly tapping on the wall.

Ueath, as she does so: Kalliope, what was she talking about?

With a nervous but raged look, Kalliope drags Ueath into the newly-opened door. The door slamming behind them, they emerge in a small room with red walls and a black floor. There's a small bed and a nightstand next to the bed, but otherwise the room is devoid of furniture. On the wall there is a single picture of a young, good-looking man. The picture has dark stains on it as though someone had touched it with dirty hands.

Ueath, watching as Kalliope walks to her nightstand: Is that true?

Kalliope, looking around then going to the nightstand: Hmm?

Ueath: You killed your husband?

Kalliope, rummaging through the nightstand and pulling out the drawer distractedly: Sometimes things are justified.

Ueath: He was your husband--wanting revenge is one thing, but this was the man you seemingly loved.

Kalliope, standing and turning towards Ueath with a monotone expression: It was his fault.

Kalliope walks to the picture now, apparently still searching for something.

Ueath: It was his fault you killed him?

Kalliope, frustrated, she lifts up the frame: Give it up.

Behind the frame that Kalliope just lifted is a hole in the wall, filled with papers. She sifts through them, eventually pulling a large knife from the stack. She breathes a shaky sigh of relief as she finds it, her expression softening and her eyes becoming a bit more crazed.

Kalliope, whispering: Never thought I'd have to use you again.

The End

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