Scene 8Mature

Ueath drops the rag into the basin, his eyes shining with mad mischief. He walks quickly to Kalliope and grabs her arm. She looks frightened and even tries to struggle a bit, but gives up after a few seconds. Ueath drags her out of the room and down the familiar checkered hallway, towards the red door that leads to the outside world.

As the two walk through the hall, Guard 2 (just coming out of the kitchen) sees them. He does a quick double-take, then runs towards the black door that leads to the guestroom. Bursting through the doors in a panicked frenzy, he runs to Alutia and kneels before her, paying no attention to her worshippers.

Guard 2: Your Highness.

Alutia, impatiently: Yes?

Guard 2: Please excuse me, but I do believe I saw two people trying to exit the building.

Alutia, dismissively: Impossible. Suddenly, her eyes widen: Wait, who were they?

Guard 2 pauses for a second, trying to recollect the memory.

Alutia, angrily: Who were they?!

Guard 2, quickly: One was a--a woman with brown hair. The other, a man. With black hair. They were wearing the usual servant unif--

Alutia: Oh, you're no help.

Alutia steps off her throne, barely avoiding stepping on one of the worshippers. Guard 2 obediently follows her as she trots out of the room, wringing his hands. Alutia angrily bursts through the black doors and starts to walk faster as she goes down the checkered hallway. Her face also seems to be growing red with anger.

Alutia reaches the end of the hallway and pushes the red doors open, ignoring the bitter cold. She steps outside, Guard 2 left somewhat cowering just inside.

Upon the sound of Alutia's footsteps, Kalliope and Ueath turn. As they do so, Ueath's eyes flash with anger. Kalliope jumps a bit, then looks at her with a lofty yet somewhat knowing look, the same she had when she saw Ueath's son dead.

The End

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