Scene 6Mature


The scene opens to Ueath standing in the doorway of the kitchen, the white light framing his black suit and hair. The whole scene has a dreamlike quality, a bit foggy and muffled. Ueath pulls a small bottle from his pocket and stares at it for a second. With a furrowed brow, he continues into the kitchen and walks to a large dish of food sitting on the counter.

Ueath smirks as he puts a few drops of the liquid in the bottle onto the food. Seemingly content, he picks it up and carries it back down the hallway, into the guestroom.

Alutia: Where is my meal?

Ueath: Coming, Your Highness.

Ueath walks through the guestroom, looking around as he does so. The walls and floor are now completely white and there are no worshippers around Alutia's feet. The room is completely devoid of furniture (besides Alutia's throne). As Ueath walks toward Alutia, his footsteps echo throughout the room.

Ueath, as he reaches her: Your meal.

Alutia: Took long enough. Ueath nods and hands her a fork from his pocket, which she begins to eat with. After a few hasty bites, she starts to gag and drops her fork, clutching at her throat.

Ueath, quietly: How is it, your highness?

Ueath smiles contentedly. His son, a ten-year-old who bears great resemblance to his father, steps out from behind him and grabs his hand. Together, they walk out of the white room, both of their footsteps echoing as Alutia continues to choke.


The scene cuts to Ueath quickly sitting up in bed, then grunting and grabbing his head. Kalliope is standing on the other side of the room, squeezing the rag out. A red liquid comes from the rag and drips into the basin.

Ueath, mumbling to himself through repressed tears: We were almost out. I almost had him.

Kalliope looks up and walks over, still clutching the rag.

Kalliope: Good. You're awake. She sits on his bed and smiles, not noticing his sadness. Feeling any better?

Ueath: Head's better, at least. He takes his hands off his face.

Suddenly, two figures are seen in the open doorway. One holds the obviously long-dead body of Ueath's son, speaking to the other in a hushed tone. Kalliope jumps, a knowing but frightened look on her face. She knew he was dead. She lied to Ueath.

Kalliope, desperately trying to distract Ueath from the sight of his deceased son: Oh, you're bleeding! Here--She mops the side of his face with the rag.

Ueath: Not it a lot?

Kalliope, still staring out the door: Uh--

The figure holding Ueath's son finally leaves, the other following.

Kalliope, with a sigh of relief, going back to the basin: Ah, no. It's done now.

Ueath tenderly touches the side of his face, confused.

The End

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