Scene 4Mature

A few chefs stare as Ueath falls to the ground, holding his aching fists. Arden, the head chef (A man of 40 with dark eyes and light brown hair, various worry lines crossing his face. He has only a few bruises compared to the other chefs.), quickly springs into action, shouting orders:

Arden: Get him! Keep him contained!

A few chefs grab Ueath by the arms and shoulders, forcing him to his feet as he struggles.

Ueath, in the same voice as before: SHE'S GOT HIM--SHE'S GOT HIM!

Iemi, staring into Ueath's eyes in horror: What's he shouting about?

Arden: Ignore it. Bring him to the nurse. There is a pause as the Chefs stare at him in horror. Go on!

The chefs drag Ueath out of the room, heading back into the checked hallway. Iemi (another chef, but younger. He still has worry lines, though, and large bruises covering his face) breaks away from the crowd, drumming on the wall opposite the kitchen. Another door opens after he stops, revealing another room (presumably the building's equivalent of a hospital). It has dark red walls and a hardwood floor, an obviously abused room. There are holes in the wall and the floor is worn. A few beds line the walls; they, too, are red-and-black themed with red sheets and a black frame.

The chefs fling Ueath onto the nearest bed, and from underneath, pull up leather straps. They buckle Ueath down as he tries to free himself, now sobbing as he shouts.

Iemi: You must calm down, mister.

Ueath: But she's got them--she must be stopped!

Arden enters the room quietly, stopping Iemi from speaking.

Arden: Alright, men.

The chefs jump and part to let him stand at the edge of the bed. He hands a wooden board (strangely casually) to Iemi. He looks at Arden with a questioning, frightful look, receiving an assuring nod in reply. Swallowing hard, Iemi walks closer to Ueath's head. Ueath has a desperate, pleading, but insane look on his face as Iemi raises the board above his head. With a grunt, he breaks it on Ueath's head. As it makes impact, the screen goes completely black.

The End

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