Scene 2Mature

Ueath pushes through the heavy, black doors with a grunt, stumbling into the large hallway in front of him. The walls are the same design as the dance floor in the guest room, but the floor of the hallway is completely black. As Ueath walks through the hall, the camera pans up and tilts downwards, creating the illusion of him walking on air.

Ueath breaks into a panicked run halfway through the hallway, reaching pushing through red doors this time. His suit and hair both contrast against it as he struggles to get it open, succeeding after a few seconds.

Outside, the snow is falling on a completely dark field with a forest in the distance. The snow hasn't piled up on the ground yet. As Ueath emerges from the doors, his breath is visible, but he doesn't shiver. His dark eyes only dart around, checking if he has complete privacy.

Guard 1, suddenly, from behind Ueath: What are you doing outside?

Ueath makes no movement, but stands completely still.

Guard 1, raising his voice: You answer me, now!

Ueath, moving just his eyes, checks behind him.

Guard 1: Don't make me turn you i--

Ueath turns around, grabbing Guard 1's sword and threatening him with it wordlessly. He holds it two inches away from his chest with a slight smirk.

Ueath, mockingly: Turn me in, eh?

Guard 1: Oh, I--uh, I thought you were someone else.

Ueath furrows his brow and throws the sword onto the ground.

Ueath: Get out.

Guard 1 frantically picks up his sword and runs away, looking back every once in a while. Ueath glares after him, dusting off his suit. Then, slowly, he turns away from the guard and closes his eyes, grabbing at his hair and pulling it. After a few seconds, he turns back to the large, black, looming building he came out of. He smooths his hair and straightens his suit, going back inside casually.

The End

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